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Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Science Experiments!

I did a review for Supercharged Science in 2013 and Josiah loved it! Now I am sharing a chance for you to get 30 free science experiments from Supercharged Science!
This experiment guide includes:
  • Over 30 complete experiments...
  • Defy gravity as you levitate water
  • Crush a soda can using a few drops of water
  • Make an indoor corkscrew roller coaster
  • Stick your kid inside a real bubble
  • Grow crystals overnight
  • Create and crack your own geodes
  • Build a flying machine that shouldn't be able to fly at all
  • ...and much more!

Your kids will be so excited about science that they'll be begging to learn more. Click here to get the Science Experiment Guide. This eBook download comes bundled with the Rocket Scientist Newsletter, which includes a weekly free science experiment in your email box. Also, get some more FREE Science Experiments by visiting here!

I hope you enjoy these free products! (affiliates)


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