Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 ~ New School Year Pictures

Here are some pictures I took of the kids starting our new school year! We did more fun things the first week, along with review... and week 2 we brought in some seat work. We are in week 3 now and things are going smoothly!
Abigail (7) smiles for the camera!

Cyrene (23mo) loves playing with the wood shapes.


Marcus (4) learns his alphabet with magnetic ABCs.

Hadassah & Marcus put together a puzzle!

Josiah finished a more difficult puzzle alone!

"School time"

Olympas (8mo) gets in on the fun!
Pulling himself up next to things now and trying to climb!

Josiah (almost 9) with his 3rd grade curriculum foundation.

Hadassah (5) with her K5 curriculum foundation.


  1. It looks like they all are enjoying learning! You have such cute kids... :)

  2. Yes, cute for sure AND having fun learning! You are blessed!

  3. Such darling kiddos! I really enjoyed the pictures! Yes, you are blessed!!! ( I just now have been looking into more curriculum, Zoology for Chancy and Liberty, Mystery of History for all my kids and a new cursive book for Liberty...and went and wrote down some more ideas for my High School girls:) God bless you!

  4. I went and looked up and watched you tube videos of The phonics Road to Spelling and Reading :) Looks really neat! Sounds like if I wanted to do it with Chancy and Liberty I would need to start in level one?? and quickly go through it then on up? Also I looked a little at the Latin Road to English and Grammer...says it's for 5th-12th grades. Thinking LaKaysha and Daminika might be interested :) your thoughts? Maybe with our tax return we can get a few things :) I really want to do zoology, and Mystery of History also :)

  5. CUTE! I've been wondering about some new books also. Maybe The Phonics road....I also have wanted to do The Mystery of History for awhile now. Maybe with our tax return, if we can stretch it that far,hehe.


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