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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Curriculum Plans ~ K5, 1, & 4

We school Jan.-Nov., so we are not starting school in a couple weeks like so many others. We are actually on week 20 of 34 weeks in our Language Arts program (The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading) and have only about 20 days worth of Arithmetic (Abeka) left for this school year for Josiah (3rd grade). Hadassah (K5) is still learning her phonics (she is learning vowel/consonant team sounds) and doing addition for Arithmetic (a mix of flash cards and problems on paper/slate).

I am already planning for the 2015 school-year, however, so I thought I'd share my plans. I am afraid that my choices won't be any surprise, since I am sticking with our current programs.

Josiah (4th grade)

Language Arts ~ The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading level 3.

Arithmetic ~ Abeka 3.

Hadassah (1st grade)

Language Arts ~ The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading level 1, starting at week 5.

Arithmetic ~ Abeka 1.

Marcus (K5)

Language Arts ~ The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading level 1, working through the first 4 weeks.

Arithmetic ~ Abeka K5.

  • We are still dabbling in Spanish, and Latin is included in our Language Arts program. All of the kids have been learning American Sign Language (ASL) this year and I plan to continue with it.
  • Art, Music, Science, History, etc. will be done "free-style" in whichever form we decide at the time... using real life/hands-on and Netflix/DVDs and books and online resources.
  • Cursive will be more front & center for Josiah in 4th grade than it has been. 
  • Practice reading aloud from the Bible will be something I hope to have Josiah do everyday (he does only once in awhile this year).
I am both nervous & excited to have 3 kids doing formal schooling in 2015! Marcus has been looking forward to having his own "school time" with mama. Hadassah will be officially creating her own notebook binder for Language Arts and working from a textbook for Arithmetic (I would have had her this year, but was planning on Math-U-See, so did not buy Abeka. Math-U-See was not a good fit, so we have been just learning numbers and addition this year without a textbook.). Marcus will have an arithmetic textbook, but will not be doing a lot of writing or book work for Language Arts since he will be barely 5.

I have a collection of what I call "pre-school" stuff that I let the little kids take out and play with during school time. This includes a magnetic alphabet set, blocks, puzzles, coloring books, etc. Everyone is kept busy learning/playing during our school time. I feel so blessed to teach my kids and participate in their joy of learning!


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