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Monday, October 20, 2014

Homeschool Catch Up

Since we school January through November, our schedule doesn't often line up with everyone else's. When other homeschool bloggers are writing about starting their school year, we are half-way through ours! Now, when we are nearing the end of our school year, everyone else is just settling into their new school year groove.

However, I'd like to think that it offers others (especially those new to home education) a candid look at one of the greatest benefits of teaching at home: flexibility! We are the definition of "flexibility" here. We go with the flow of life with a terminally ill, disabled, special needs daughter as well as pregnancies almost yearly. Flexibility is one of our biggest reasons for homeschooling, second only to desiring a solid foundation of Biblical teachings for our children.

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That being said, I thought it was time for a quick homeschool catch up! Have we stayed on track to finish by Thanksgiving week? Has our curriculum choices been a great fit? Have we tweaked anything?

We finished Josiah's A Beka arithmetic early, about 1 month ago already! Josiah has been spending 15 minutes every day doing some form of math review, either using Math Rider or Learning Wrap-Ups.

We are doing well with The Phonics Road level 2, but because of Abigail's 3 week hospitalization in the spring and the birth of Jubal immediately following, we did get behind schedule. We are now planning to take Thanksgiving week off and then finish our last two weeks in December. That leaves us with only about 2 weeks off before starting our new school year in January. But, we do well with school and a schedule, so I'm not upset. The 6 weeks off in April-May-June and the other 1 or 2 weeks off in the summer have been enough to keep us sane.

Hadassah has been learning addition and knows most of her math facts already, with very little formal instruction! She can sound out and spell short vowel words, as well. We are still working our way through all of the vowel/consonant team sounds taught in The Phonics Road level 1, but I think she'll have most -if not all- of them mastered by the end of our school year.

The little kids have a "pre-school" box full of blocks, puzzles, magnetic alphabet, and memory games that they enjoy taking out during our morning school hours. Or, they color and draw at the table.

We do arts & crafts on Mondays, Bible Art on Wednesdays & Fridays, and 3 educational shows/documentaries from Netflix weekly - including Signing Time (the kids love learning American Sign Language with Rachel). We also have lots of science books that we use almost daily to look up random facts (that Josiah's insists are necessary pieces of information)!

How is your home school year going so far?


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