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Friday, December 19, 2014

Family Friday: Vacation & Organizing

Hey Everyone, I'm trying something new this week! I thought that I would like to post about what my family has been up to on Fridays. So, here is the very first Family Friday post!
Winter Vacation
This week was our first official week of vacation. We are breaking from school until the first Tuesday in January. The kids have been spending most of their days watching Netflix shows (I cringe even typing this, because it is not my idea of a productive time.), because vacation from school = doing fun stuff, right? I have tried to encourage pretend play, board games, and reading... all of which did take place... but when given an option, Netflix wins every time. At least some of the shows were documentaries!

organizing homeschool

This week, I sorted through and organized my school cabinet and bookshelves. I am loving having all of our foundational textbooks and binders all together on my bookshelf, within easy reach. This homeschooling thing is starting to feel real with 3 students to teach in 2015! Can I really do this teaching thing? I think so, because I love doing it, my kids love learning, and I've pretty much devoted my life to it. What more can you ask for in a school setting, anyway? Not much. The kids are super excited to have their math books from A Beka Books on the shelf, all shiny with the anticipation of a new year! Several binders for the The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading levels that we will be using in 2015 take up most of the shelf and make me feel well prepared to face the new year. Josiah's annual SAT showed that our Language Arts Program has proven to be an excellent choice... he scored the highest in spelling, followed closely by all other areas of Language Arts.
*Proud Mama  Moment*

Next up on my to-do list this week was sorting through the kids' clothes. I have seven children to clothe, but I rarely have to buy them new clothes! We are blessed to get a lot of hand-me-downs from family, have the ability to buy like-new consignment items from ThredUp online, and we often receive new clothing from grandparents (perfect gifts, btw).

organizing clothes, thredup

When I sort through their clothes, I make a few piles. I put aside loved outgrown clothes to save for the next child, get rid of stained or ripped clothes, give some that are still useable yet not a great fit for my kids to the Salvation Army, and then I choose some of the best quality clothes that my kids have outgrown or don't wear (because of fit) and send to ThredUp to sell for a little extra cash! It is a long process, so I usually do it in bite-size pieces, doing just a few kids' worth at a time. By the way, selling to ThredUp is very easy and a great way to recycle your kids' clothes! And, if you want to shop at ThredUp, you get $10 off your first purchase using my referral link!
*I still need to figure out a cheap and efficient way to house all of my kids' clothes. Right now, we have two dressers with a total of nine drawers between 6 of the kids and Jubal's clothes hang out on the rocker-glider in my bedroom. If you have any ideas, throw them my way!*


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