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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Free Unit Study Resources - Human Biology K5-12

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Here you will find links to resources for teaching children about mitochondrion (or the singular form; mitochondria), their function within every cell, their importance for the body, and what happens when they fail (mitochondrial diseases).

I have used these resources myself* to educate my own children about the mitochondria and "mito" (mitchondrial disease) since our oldest daughter suffers from this devastating disease.

You will find tools for a variety of learning styles and all ages from K5 through adult.

Please note: I do not endorse or agree with everything on each of these websites outside of what I have linked specifically to here.

Websites To Read
Mitochondria - Turning on the Powerhouse (scroll down for video)
Advanced Info on Mitochondrion - Middle/High school

Printable Literature
An easy-to-understand print out (PDF) - Comparing a Battery with our Mitochondria
Coloring Page and Labeling of the Human Cell, including the mitochondria (print or color online)

YouTube Videos
The Way Energy is Made - Mighty Mitochondria in Action! Animated In-depth look at how the mitochondria function in the human body.
Jack Black Explains Mito
Mitochondrial Diseases Explained with many pictures of kids with mito
Animated clip featuring Mito Man
Dr. John Shoffner explains how mito and other diseases are connected (Parkinson's and Autism) - Middle/High School

Interactive Tools
Quiz: Cell Overview
Quiz: Mitochondria
Coloring Page and Labeling of the Cell, including the mitochondria (print or color online)

Reading List
Books On Amazon About the Mitochondrion/Mitochondria
*I have not read the books linked to from Amazon.


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