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Monday, September 22, 2014

Rersearching High School Curriculum

If you are committed to homeschooling through high school, then I am sure you have at least thought about those years ahead. Josiah is going into 4th grade, but already I am thinking ahead and researching curriculum choices for the upper grades. I feel I have already settled on his curriculum through 8th grade (and have plans to continue with the same for each child following him). I still have a few years before I'll need to decide on high school curriculum, but these are the possible options I have researched so far. Keep in mind, I do not plan on enrolling my children in any of the programs, but rather plan to use the curriculum on our own. Also, I shared how we use Delight-Directed Learning in our homeschool, but I feel that I will be more structured for high school.

My Father's World - this is my favorite as of now. It covers Bible, History, and English/Language Arts. Science, Math, and any other electives need to be added, but that is a good thing for us... since I have (tentative) plans for all of those already. 

Christian Liberty (curriculum kits) - I used this for 1 year when I was homeschooled and enjoyed it, so it is definitely on my list of choices for my own kids!

A Beka Book - This is the curriculum I started out homeschooling Josiah with, but have since switched to a more eclectic/free-style way of homeschooling. Still, that doesn't rule out going back to a boxed curriculum in the later years.

BJU Press - I also used this for 1 year during my own homeschooling years and will consider it for my own children. In fact, we own several books from BJU Press already!

All of the above - of course this has to make the list! And simply means, I may continue to piece together our own curriculum even through 9-12th grades! It is has worked well for us so far and if I feel like it, that's what we will do!

Do you have plans for the high school years? Have you already taught through 12th grade, what did you use? I'd love to hear your input!


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